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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Keeping Abreast of Industry Demands


A classic—something that withstands the test of time—most appropriately describes the light bulb and MERCRON’s high-frequency, light-regulating lamp ballasts. However, emerging technologies in machine vision prompt MERCRON to be ever-responsive to the customers’ ongoing imaging requirements for fluorescent, UV, IR, tungsten, metal halide or high-pressure sodium light-sources. Moreover, MERCRON must continuously tract progressive technologies in the camera industry and evolving custom lamp designs.

A common assumption exists: that a particular lamp from one manufacturer is just like the same lamp from a different manufacturer. That just isn’t so. Fortunately, MERCRON’s adaptability know-how permits it to beef up its lamp controllers to operate a greater number of lamps under more varied, if not all, circumstances, enabling the customer to use whatever lamp he wants—or really needs.

For example, MERCRON recently modified a sodium lamp controller’s strike-capability for a customer needing a longer idle time for this least tolerant, yet rugged lamp. MERCRON’s customizing ability allowed another customer to create an unprecedented application, one not requiring MERCRON’s signature: controlled illumination. So it can be accurately claimed that MERCRON’s emerging technology is its “flex-design” technology of keeping up with the customers’ latest demands.

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