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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

KAPPA Offers a Variety of Digital Models for Every Need

Rugged and Power-thrifty Cameras That Feature Sophisticated Electronics

The models of the new generation of digital cameras DX 4/40 are rugged and power-thrifty cameras that feature sophisticated electronics with low power consumption and advanced circuitry. The customer can choose between various sensors, interfaces and functions for his specific needs. The 12-bit progressive scan models offer 1/1,8“, 2/3“ und 1/2” CCDs (Sony, Kodak), up to 109fps, maximum 63dB, CameraLink or Fire Wire interface, external trigger, binning, partial scan/AOI, image memory, reset/restart etc. The color versions also feature new integrated real-time color processing which is FPGA-based and independent of specific signal processors. It relieves the PC’s processor and true color rendition. A special highlight is the integrated signature function for image authentication that provides evidence of any manipulation of the image data. Together with the KAPPA ImageBase software, they can be used for measurement engineering and process automation. An easy-to-use KAPPA SDK 3 (.Net, / C-API) for user-specific programming is also available. Their design, which allows for them to be fitted into small, cubical housings (60x60x47mm), and their availability as camera modules make them the perfect choice for OEMs and integrators.

KAPPA Monrovia, Calif.

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