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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

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Stemmer Imaging Group and V Cubed Form New Partnership

The largest European technology provider of machine vision components, the Stemmer Imaging Group, has signed a new sales partnership with V Cubed, the United Kingdom- based LED line lights manufacturer.

The new distribution contract between V Cubed and Stemmer covers the distribution of V Cubed's high-power LED line lights in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Ireland and France, by Stemmer Imaging GmbH (Germany), Firstsight Vision Inc. (UK), IMASYS S.A.S. (France) and Stemmer Imaging Schweiz AG (Switzerland), which have been named preferred distributors by V Cubed.

V Cubed manufactures a range of smart high-power LED lighting products for use in machine vision applications. All of the products incorporate Integrated Current Control, Remote Control (Ethernet optional), Advanced Triggering including Strobe Control, Advanced Thermal Management, Diagnostics including Temperature Monitoring and LED Failure Detection and Profile Control.

The product range includes line lights, line and area array illumination and high intensity programmable strobe lights. All of the products are available in a wide range of output colors including white, Infrared and UV. The light output from the units can be varied over a very wide range and is either preset or controlled via a communication interface. Most units can also be "overdriven" where highest intensity is required - running the units in this mode will however reduce the expected working life (>70 percent of initial intensity) of greater than 50,000 hours continuous operation. At the maximum 140 percent output the expected working life should still exceed 20,000 hours as a result of the advanced thermal management. A customization service is available to tailor any product for a particular application or integration into an OEM system.

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