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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

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DALSA Unveils High Quanta Sensors for Scientific Applications

DALSA Corp. (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), announced the availability of the High Quanta family of sensors tailored for scientifc, life sciences, and astronomy applications. DALSA's High Quanta sensors are large-format area sensors that provide a new benchmark in imaging performance.

Using advanced fabrication techniques to realize smaller CCD transistor structures, these sensors achieve improvements in noise performance and quantum effciency (QE); peaking at more than 75 percent. The new
sensors also employ the latest designs in output ampliers providing exceptionally low noise at high data rates.

The High Quanta sensor family is ideal for low light imaging. "In applications that are light-starved, having a sensor that utilizes every available photon and maintains signal integrity through low noise readout is essential," said Behnam Rashidian, product manager, DALSA Life Sciences. "The ability to achieve such high performance in a large front-illuminated area sensor makes the High Quanta family a cost-effective solution."

The High Quanta family currently includes three sensors with resolutions of 2084 x 2084, 1044 x 1044 and 524 x 524, and feature a 24μm size pixel. For those applications demanding ultra violet sensitivity and greater than 90 percent QE, backside-thinned devices will be available on a custom basis.

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