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Issues in Optics and Lenses for OEM Imaging - Now



Issues in Optics and Lenses for OEM Imaging - Now

August 2001

If you talk about the quality of imaging systems and ways to improve them perennially focus on hardware and software issues--or on "resolution" of images and pixel counts outside of practical image-grabbing reality--there's no subject more significant for the imaging system designer, camera OEM, and finally the pro user than the quality and appropriateness of imaging system optics and lenses. We've called on two key industry authorities to speak to the ongoing issues in this quietly vital arena—from different ends of the imaging spectrum.


The Participants:

John Stack - Edmund Industrial Optics
John Stack
is president of Edmund Industrial Optics;
Barrington, NJ.


Leica Microsystems Ltd. - Dr. David Martyr
Michael D. Rubin

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