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Integrated Microscopy Products


Product Update

Integrated Microscopy Products

by Rich Handley

June 2003

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In the past year, microscopists and optical engineers have developed a wide variety of techniques to aid in contrast enhancement. These include optical microscopy, darkfield microscopy, oblique or anaxial illumination and many others. Microscopists are forever developing techniques to improve observation and assist in the collection of digital images of specimens. The following microscopy vendors utilize these and other techniques to optomize the products they offer.Aperio Technologies's DakoCytomation ScanScope.

Action Research Corporation, located in Action, MA, has introduced its MicroSpec line of imaging spectrometers. This product line provides USB communication, direct coupling to the microscope, a choice of 150, 300 or 500mm focal lengths and a range of software suites. Manual or motorized entrance slits operate from 10 microns to 12mm wide, with 12mm image height. A mirror position in the grating turret allows for large-aperture direct imaging to CCD cameras, while a choice of gratings and accessories enable single cell, micro-Raman, dispersive fluorescence, FRET and other micro-spectroscopy applications.
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Aperio Technologies (Vista, CA), in collaboration with marketing partner DakoCytomation, has launched the latest version of its DakoCytomation ScanScope, based on the same proprietary scanning technology as Aperio's T108 model. This microscope slide scanner can digitize entire slides, creating a virtual slide environment for automated microscopic inspection in pathology, cytology, hematology and related fields. Virtual slides can be viewed, panned and zoomed on a computer monitor, then analyzed by computer software and stored. Additional features include an automated slide loader with 160 slide capacity, a bar-code reader and an integrated single-unit system with network and power connection.

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