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Updated: January 12th, 2011 10:01 AM CDT

Infrared Components are as Diverse as Their Applications

ORION from Cedip
The ORION from Cedip.
DefendIR thermal imager
ICx Technologies announces the DefendIR thermal imager.
ICI 7320 infrared camera
Infrared Cameras Inc. introduces the ICI 7320 infrared camera.
RedShift  OpTIC 1080F
The RedShift OpTIC 1080F infrared fusion core.
Cheetah InGaAs
The Cheetah InGaAs focal-plane array camera from XenIC.

Infrared camera systems measure the radiance of temperature. The cameras, lenses, illumination and software that make up the components of these systems have been used for a wide array of applications. From night vision systems for the military to heat detection systems used to alert authorities to potentially sick passengers in airports, infrared systems have many diverse uses.

The applications for these infrared imagers are as diverse as the components themselves.

Cedip Infrared Systems (Fairfield N.J.) announces ORION—an infrared multispectral imaging system capable of producing IR sub-band images at video rate within the SW-MWIR or LWIR regions. The ORION uses the latest state-of-the-art focal plane array (FPA) detector technology along with large dynamic range, real-time electronics to deliver leading-edge results from applications including IR signature analysis, gas detection, flame analysis and environmental studies.The FPA detector is capable of capturing up to 200 high-quality images per second in snap-shot mode. The camera integration time is software variable and can be different for each filter. Using a continuously rotating filter wheel, synchronised with the FPA detector, the ORION captures a single snapshot image for each filter position enabling true multispectral imaging. It also can be used as a standard IR camera by stopping or removing the filter wheel. Image data is processed in real time by the onboard ALTAIR software. www.cedip-

The new Electrophysics (Fairfield, N.J.) PV320L2Z Broadband Infrared Camera features the broadest spectral response of any infrared camera, with 0.6 to 20 micron sensitivity. The camera achieves its broad spectral sensitivity due to a 320x240 uncooled pyroelectric focal plane array. Advanced features also include a USB 2.0 high-speed digital output, internal automatic image calibration (AIC) and a ZnSe non-fringing detector window (for viewing coherent laser sources). The PV320L2Z can be operated as a stand-alone video-based system with on-camera controls. Connect the camera to any USB 2.0 enabled PC platform view/store to analyze real-time images with Velocity Advanced, a powerful real-time image acquisition and analysis software application. The PV320L2Z is ideal for a wide range of spectral imaging applications.

FLIR Systems (Boston, Mass.) announces the release of its RTools™ v2.3 software package for digital infrared camera systems. RTools is a highly sophisticated software package that enables engineers and scientists to easily acquire, radiometrically calibrate, process, and analyze data from various IR cameras. Recent updates to RTools include more powerful analysis features, advanced triggering and recording, compatibility with the FLIR SC8000 IR camera system, and support for dual high-speed data recording. The RTools software suite consists of five separate modules: RDac™—an easy-to-use, real-time data acquisition program; RCal™ —to radiometrically calibrate infrared cameras; RView™—a high-performance, data viewing & analysis module; REdit™— a file archival, editing and maintenance tool; RPro™—for data reduction and processing capabilities. These dedicated tools are especially well suited for facilitating the investigation of complex applications with IR camera technology. They provide a seamless real-time interface to FLIR ThermoVision® SC6000/SC4000/SC8000 systems, as well as many other digital IR cameras. RTools can be used with cameras having a variety of detector types, both cooled and uncooled.

ICx Technologies (Arlington, Va.) announces the DefendIR thermal imager is now available with Continuous Optical Zoom (CZ) capability. Much like a traditional CCD camera the DefendIR CZ gives the user the ability to change fields of view while keeping the target in focus at all times. Featuring a 30mm-90mm continuous zoom lens, the DefendIR CZ is the first uncooled infrared camera on the market with this type of capability. Paired with ICx's proprietary VisionSense™ technology and continuous 360° panning, the DefendIR CZ ensures constant visual awareness that crosses both visible and infrared wavelengths. ICx Technologies proprietary sensors detect and identify chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive threats, which deliver superior awareness and actionable intelligence for wide-area surveillance, intrusion detection and facility security.

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