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Infrared Cameras



March 2004

Diversified Optical Products’ Cadet 75 infrared camera.

Infrared Cameras

Before thermal imaging cameras, there were image intensifiers, an inexpensive way to view objects at night. ?That technology has been around for 30 to 40 years,? said Janelle Anthone, vice president of sales for Senspex, Inc. , (Rio Rancho, NM). ?They were very popular because they were cheap. But thermal imaging has caught up in the last couple of years.?

Since image intensifiers have to rely on limited ambient light to operate, there are drawbacks. ?If you have a lot of light outside, it creates a halo effect or blooming, which is even worse,? Anthone said. ?It shuts down the whole detector. When we talk about thermal imaging, it's a completely different ballgame; it's not only catching up, but surpassing image intensifiers.?

Senspex’ PTZ
Thermal Imaging Camera.

John Love, security market manager at Raytheon Commercial Infrared (Dallas, TX), added, ?Image intensifiers do have some utility.... in the cases where you use standard CCTV?all of which have some low-light sensitivity these days?then you have to provide some form of infrared illumination to shed some of that light on that object.?

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