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August 2002


3D semiconductor inspectionTucson, AZ - With applications in R&D, quality inspection, failure analysis, and process control, as well as characterizing MEMS, metals, medical devices, semiconductor packaging, advanced materials, optics, and other precision surfaces, the Veeco Metrology Group has introduced the new Wyko® NT8000 optical profiler for high-throughput measurement of step heights, surface roughness, and other surface topography. This eighth-generation instrument combines sub-nanometer resolution and industry-leading accuracy for repeatable 3D surface measurements from 0.1 nm to eight millimeters.
The core of the Wyko NT8000 is a new, high-performance optical module featuring the largest available vertical range and scan speed. A unique, internal reference signal enables traceable, self-calibrating accuracy. Combined with full automation, improved vibration tolerance and a production user interface, the NT8000 is geared for high throughput applications in both lab and production environments.

The new system also features Wyko Vision®32 software for advanced 2D and 3D data analysis and visualization. Vision32 provides over 200 analysis tools, automated measurement sequences, and automatic data logging with pass/fail test criteria for real-time process feedback and SPC (Statistical Process Control).

In addition, Veeco introduces the Dimension X3D™ in-line metrology tool, the first nondestructive automated atomic force microscope (AFM) to provide 3D resolution for high-volume semiconductor manufacturing.

Based on Veeco's AFM technology, the Dimension X3D gives IC manufacturers the ability to thoroughly characterize 90nm and smaller device features in advanced photolithography and etch processes.

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