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October 2001

Panasonic Aids New York City

Building on earlier emergency contributions of products and supplies, a $1 million donation to support victims and aid in recovery efforts related to the devastating terrorist attack on the World Trade Center has been announced by Panasonic on behalf of parent company Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. and the Panasonic family of companies in the Americas.

"Panasonic's headquarters are just a few miles from lower Manhattan; many of us here were eyewitnesses to the terrible events of September 11, and some employees have close family members who are missing," said Don Iwatani, chairman of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America (Panasonic). "As an active part of the metropolitan-area business community for more than four decades, our company and its employees feel compelled to contribute to relief efforts. My hope is that the funds we provide will help at least some of our neighbors begin to recover from this great tragedy."

Prior to the $1 million donation, Panasonic gave immediate assistance to attack victims by supplying a truckload of Panasonic-brand flashlights, head-mounted lamps and batteries to assist emergency personnel in searching through piles of debris and rubble, particularly at night or in low-light conditions; contributing "Toughbook" ruggedized notebook computers for use by local, state and federal agencies on duty at the disaster site; and conducting an employee drive to collect many clothing and comfort items urgently needed by relief agencies.

In addition, Panasonic has established a matching fund for employee contributions. And subsidiary and affiliate companies throughout North and South America are coordinating local fund-raising efforts among their employees.

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