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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

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Frequency Electronics Inc. (Mitchel Field, NY) has increased its investment in OAO Morion (St. Petersburg, Russia), a privately held metal processing firm, from 36% of the company's outstanding shares for an undisclosed sum. Fifty-one percent of the outstanding shares are held by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (London, UK). FEI acquired an 8% stake in Morion in 2002 and increased its interest in the company to 19% earlier this year. Morion, which manufactures precision quartz resonators, crystal oscillators and crystal filters, reported $772,000 net earnings on $7.9 million revenue for the year ended December 31, 2003.

Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation (Hauppauge, NY) has purchased the assets of Del High Voltage Corp. (Valhalla, NY), formerly a division of Del Global Technologies Corporation. This strategic acquisition, which officially occurred on Oct. 1, merges the assets of Del High Voltage — including their customers, product lines, technology and personnel — into the Spellman organization. The 50-year-old Del High Voltage organization has been a supplier of custom and standard high-voltage power supplies and transformers, and due to prior mergers, also incorporates the Bertan High Voltage and Dynarad Corporation portfolios of high voltage power supplies and select Monoblock X-Ray Sources.

IMEC (Leuven, Belgium) has begun a new program to use nanotechnologies to replace and/or extend the life of advanced CMOS manufacturing technologies. Through IMEC's industrial affiliation program (IIAP), alternatives will be sought for current use of scaling to reduce device dimensions using nanotechnologies, as well as disruptive technologies or new paradigms for semiconductor manufacturing processes. While single devices have been demonstrated, IMEC pointed out that there has been little effort using nanotechnology building blocks to create an innovative technology with higher density and new functionality. The three phases include: research into the potential of semiconducting wires; the growth of carbon nanotubes in which a main roadblock is ?chirality,? a variation in diameter and structure of the tubes; and spintronics (also known as electron spin), which is a viable candidate for replacing the role of electron charge, as spin effects are very robust, according to IMEC. The IIAP will identify roadblocks and explore opportunities of implementing spintronics in combination with silicon technology.

Sharp Systems of America (Huntington Beach, CA) reports that following the introduction of the LL-151-3D LCD flat panel monitor, Sharp's 3D Display Developer Program has more than doubled its size with the amount of participants increasing to over 100 participants through September. The majority of participants in Sharp's 3D Developer Program consist of developers in the medical industry, including drug development and medical imaging applications such as surgical preparation and diagnosis. Other participants in the program include developers in orthodontics, mapping/GIS, oil & gas, CAD and other computer-aided design applications, entertainment, education, government and others. Sharp's 3D Display Developer Program is a free program designed to assist software developer's support of the new 3D display technology that allows ?out of the screen? 3D visualization without 3D glasses. The developer program is open to all software developers who wish to write or modify existing software to support the Sharp 3D display and offers the following benefits: a fully documented software developers kit; discounts on 3D Display products; special website area for technical support; membership to the Sharp3D Partners Program including a link to the developer's website; and joint marketing opportunities.

Veeco Instruments Inc. (Woodbury, NY) has completed its $9.5 million cash acquisition of closely held Manufacturing Technology Inc. (Ventura, CA) and created a new corporate division. MTI makes equipment used in making heads for computer hard disk drives. Veeco, which hired 70 MTI employees, announced it has created a new division that includes the acquired company plus Veeco's existing precision lapping and automation business.

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