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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

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OLYMPUS AMERICA has announced that it will move its North American headquarters from Melville , NY to the Stabler Corporate Center in Lehigh , PA. The move will affect 800 jobs. According to the company, an offer of tens of millions of dollars in tax breaks was the reason for the move into Pennsylvania 's Upper Saucon Township .

IDEAL.COM ( Rockville , MD ) won the Distributor of the Year award from CONTEX SCANNING TECHNOLOGY ( Alleroed , Denmark ; Ontario , CA ). The award was given at Contex' annual distributor meeting in Hollywood , FL. This is the seventh year in a row that IDEAL has won the award. IDEAL won the award two other times in 1993 and 1994. The company distributes Contex large-format scanners, which can turn 2D drawings into 3D presentations; applications include CAD, A/E/C, GIS, color graphics and reprographics.

CRL OPTO LIMITED ( UK ) ( Dagerty Bay , Dunferline , Scotland ) has successfully acquired the microdisplay production assets of MICROVUE LIMITED ( Dagerty Bay , Dunferline , Scotland ) from the MicroVue liquidators. CRL Opto intends to re-commence the production of its microdisplays as soon as possible, and has acquired all remaining stocks of microdisplays and ASIC drivers. The company has decided to integrate the production of its Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal On Silicon (F-LCOS) microdisplays into its business. In addition to providing board-level products to customers in the defense/simulation, printing, automotive, avionics and medical fields, CRL Opto will increase its focus on providing its full-color high-resolution microdisplays directly to customers in rapidly growing volume markets.

THORLABS ( Newton , NJ ) has bought the UK division of MELLES GRIOT ( Carlsbad , CA ), which is based in Ely, Cambridgeshire. Melles Griot's UK division manufactures nano-positioning systems for high-precision alignment applications, along with optical tables and full-vibration isolation systems. Thorlabs will continiue manufacturing operations in the UK , which was a critical factor in the deal.

Braintech, Inc. ( North Vancouver , B.C., Canada ) has received a purchase order from ABB ( Auburn Hills , MI ) for two 3D-VGR solutions for use by transmission manufacturer ZF Batavia, of Batavia , Ohio . This marks Braintech's first entry into the transmission production arena; the Company's previous installations have been at powertrain and engine casting plants. Braintech solutions will guide robots manufactured by ABB Inc.'s Robotic, Automotive and Manufacturing Group to locate heavy transmission castings on pallets (called dunnage), move the castings to a work area, and then pick up the empty dunnage and place it on a conveyor. The orders resulted from an agreement ABB signed with Braintech earlier this month. This partnership also generated recently announced orders for three ABB/Braintech systems for Ford Motor Company's Romeo, Michigan engine plant. Braintech, Inc. has also received new purchase orders for three 3D-VGR software solutions to be installed at General Motors' Massena , NY , powertrain plant. The installations, including the retrofit of ABB IRB6400 ’ robots, are expected to be complete in June.

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