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May 2004

Kinetta and Apple on the HD Road Map at NAB

Before the exhibits were open to the public, two key events took place at NAB . At the Digital Summit, Jeff Kreines, owner of Kinetta, revealed his camera design for filming HD content. Based on more than 100 years of filmmaking and bucking the trend of camera design for the past twenty-five years, Kreines showed an unexpecting panel at the Digital Summit his prototype of a hand cranked camera with an image sensor supplied by Altasens (see Advanced Imaging April 2004, page 8.) With a statement that the camera is sensor-agnostic, Jeff is sending a strong message to the NAB crowd to give them what they want. (See Fig 1)

Apple introduced Motion, a new application that redefines motion graphics by giving artists the creative freedom and power to deliver professional quality results faster and more intuitively than ever before at a price of $299. Motion features interactive animation of text, graphics and video, with instant previewing of multiple filters and particle effects, and introduces Behaviors that allow artists to add natural looking movement to type and graphics, such as gravity and wind, without the use of complex keyframes.

?Motion opens the door for everyone to create professional-quality motion graphics by eliminating the need for complex timelines and keyframes,? said Rob Schoeben, Apple's Vice President of Applications Marketing. ?Motion may do for motion graphics what Final Cut Pro did for non-linear editing.?

Motion's Behaviors use procedural animation techniques to create natural simulations, such as gravity and wind, or sophisticated interaction between multiple objects, such as attraction and repulsion. Behaviors provide users with the ability to automatically generate simple or sophisticated fluid motion effects with minimal effort and make modifications spontaneously, all without the complexity or overhead of dealing with keyframes. Users familiar with keyframes can use Motion's Keyframe Editor to plot precise parameter values at specific frames.

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