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January 2004

Imagers of the Year

When we were first alerted to the landing of the Spirit Rover on Mars this month, Advanced Imaging was delighted to find out how big a role Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) and Java3D played in the successful landing. It took a joint effort between JLPL and SUN with Apple to develop a downloadable viewer for the historic event to be witnessed by the general public. For this effort, we are awarding the Imaging Team Award for 2004 to Mark Powell and Bob Deen from the Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL) in Pasadena , CA .

Mark Powell is a member of the technical staff in the Mobility Systems Concept Development Section at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, while Bob Deen is a technical lead for the Multimission Image Processing Laboratory (MIPL), with direct responsibility for image display and GUI, image processing infrastructure and image processing applications. He is also a member of Advanced Imaging's Editorial Advisory Board.

Mark is a member of the Maestro development team. Maestro uses both Java3D and JAI for its 3D visualization and image processing. JPL worked with Sun and Apple on the development of Maestro, but JPL's interaction with them was mainly to inform them of issues with Java3D and JAI?things that didn't work right in Maestro or that didn't work the way they expected?and they gave JPL workaround and bug fixes. With Apple, it was basically the same thing; they ported Java3D and JAI to Mac OS X and JPL ran Maestro on their platform and identified the issues (of which there were few).

The help that JPL got from the Sun developers besides patches was through the J3D and JAI developer forums, which are very useful since the entire community is there to share their experiences with applying JAI/J3D to solving a variety of problems.

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