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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

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October 2003

Symagery Microsystems, Inc., recently announced the SX5390 image reader system, containing a miniature image engine (Symbol SE900 form factor) with Megapixel resolution and a miniature decoder board complete with image processing firmware and decode suite. The SX5390 is reportedly the highest performing SE900 form factor engine in the industry.

"There is a recognized need in the AIDC market for a small-sized, image-based reader system that is very reliable, easy to use and delivers a high level of functionality, while remaining flexible enough for OEMs to seamlessly integrate the device into their end user products. We believe that the SX5390 fulfills that need," said Ron Caines, president and CEO of Symagery. "Our customers are excited about the high level of performance and flexibility delivered by the SX5390, which places it well ahead of other SE900-sized readers that are forced to compromise on performance in order to meet the size requirements."

The SX5390 is capable of decoding one-imensional (1-D), multi-row, two-dimensional (2-D) and postal bar codes, while retaining the image quality necessary to enable mobile computing systems, portable data capture terminals, handheld devices, kiosks and other OEM products to capture pictures, signatures and other images.

Symagery's latest system reportedly provides its customers with the industry's largest field-of-view and benchmark depth-of-field. Key to the high performance level of the SX5390 is Symagery's Megapixel CMOS image sensor that delivers high resolution for picture-taking, high frame rates to minimize hand jitter and pixel performance for image quality.

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