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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

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Stemmer Imaging GmbH
The European market share of interface technologies in machine vision.
Beryllium Ions
This image above shows the fluorescence from three trapped beryllium ions illuminated with an ultra-violet laser beam.
Olympus America
The first Olympus BioScapes winner, Donald Pottle of the Schepens Eye Research Institute (Boston), submitted this image of a healthy arteriole in the eye. The pink shows the tough, flexible elastin wall, red shows the red blood cells and the yellow and green show the web-like "netting," which are the supporting collagen fibers.

Machine Vision Interfaces Face Power Struggle

Interface diversity in machine vision has increased dramatically in the past few years. Camera Link, FireWire a, FireWire b and USB 2.0 are penetrating the market to an increasing extent. However, the Gigabit Ethernet standard has recently appeared in the interface universe. Who will be the winner?

The number of interfaces for video data transmission in machine vision tasks has recently increased by leaps and bounds. The market offers frame grabbers with a PCI, PCI-X and PCI Express slot, with analog and digital transmission technology. The newest product is the 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GigE).

Anyone wanting to finally clarify this issue will have an opportunity at VISION 2005, International Trade Fair for Machine Vision and Identification Technologies, which will be held at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre in Killesberg, Germany on Nov. 8-10. Trade visitors can get advice from experts and to see the products and system solutions relating to the following question: What transmission technology is best suited for my application?

"Before answering this question," says Patrick Gailer, product manager for image recording hardware at Stemmer Imaging GmbH (Puchheim, Germany), "it is first necessary to examine other criteria that often come off badly in the intense discussion concerning interfaces."

To fulfill the speed and accuracy required in an inspection task, Gailer believes that three properties are initially important for users: a high level of robustness or data security, flexibility and availability. After examining these topics, a task that also includes selecting a hardware-independent software platform, Gailer says it is possible to analyze interface problems in conjunction with an optimum sensor.

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