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Industrial Imaging and Machine Vision Software


Product Update

Industrial Imaging and Machine Vision Software

By Richard Handley

May 2001

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Thanks to modern graphical user interfaces and high-level software modules, the development process has grown much easier and machine vision has become a far more user-friendly tool. Recently, software manufacturers have created a wide array of packages designed to work in conjunction with the many industrial imaging machine vision systems. Look for leading software suppliers to provide object-oriented application development tools intended to speed up application development even more...

Able Software
Adept Technology
Able Software's 3D-Doctor industrial imaging software. HexSight 3.0 from Adept Technology.

From Able Software (Lexington, MA) comes 3D-Doctor, an imaging software package for 3D rendering and quantitative analysis of CT, MRI, microscopy and other industrial 3D images. 3D-Doctor creates 3D surface models or volume rendering from cross-section images in real-time on a standard PC. The surface model can be exported to various 3D formats, such as STL for rapid prototyping, AutoCAD DXF, IGES, VRML for viewing over the Internet, and 3DStudio for animation applications. The software supports image files in DICOM, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, RAW and other vendor proprietary formats. On-screen measurements can be done quickly for length, area, surface area and 3D volume. Image processing functions include image segmentation, arbitrary angle volume reslicing, and multi-modality image registration and fusion. A fully functioning trial version is available at the company's website:
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HexSight 3.0, the newest software offering from San Jose-based Adept Technology, is a high performance machine vision software product geared toward robot guidance and parts inspection. HexSight boasts fast and accurate object location in complex images and adverse lighting environments. Designed to reduce engineering and programming costs, the program lets customers automate their demanding guidance applications. HexSight provides geometric object location utilizing the parts' geometry to locate them in the field-of-view. Users can resolve challenging applications that involve overlapping or partially touching parts by using contour-based object location. Optimized for ease-of-use, it includes automatic model teaching algorithms and multi-threaded execution capabilities.

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