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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Imperx Incorporated


Company Description

Imperx is a manufacturer of high-speed and high-resolution cameras, PCMCIA frame grabbers, and adapters and converters to connect different standards of cameras and frame grabbers. Imperx cameras utilize Kodak KAI interline transfer CCDs.


Imperx megapixel series of cameras range from 1 to 11 Megapixels. The high-speed camera series is up to 210 fps at VGA resolution and AOI up to 3,000 fps. The camera image processing engine is based on a 1 million gate FPGA and 32-bit RISC processor, featuring programmable resolution, AOI, binning, triggering, shutter, long integration, transfer function correction and user LUT. CameraLink or GigE interface is provided for the output of image data and serial communication.

The FrameLink is a PCMCIA capture card for use with CameraLink Base cameras up to 66 MHz. The FrameLink is equipped with 256 Mbits of memory and an intelligent DMA engine. The interface to the laptop is Cardbus 8.0 compliant (32/33 MHz PCI bus) and provides hot insertion and removal. The card is supported by Windows 2000/XP (Plug-and-Play). There are a number of available drivers for the card including Imperx drivers with GUI, WDM, DirectX and Labview. A DLL-based SDK is available for programmers.

Markets Served

Imperx products are currently in Agriculture, Automotive, Container, Cosmetic, Electronics, Entertainment, Fabricated Metal, Fastener, Food/Beverage, Glass, Lumber/Wood, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Plastic, Primary Metal, Printing, Rubber, Semiconductor, Telecommunications, Textile/Apparel, Tobacco, Transportation.

Technical Support

Imperx products are developed and manufactured inside the United States. Technical support is available through the United States office via telephone or e-mail.

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