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Imaging Products


Imaging Products

June 2001


Fire-iAPI-OHCI1394 Digital Camera Development Toolkit

All the tools needed for integrating FireWire technology into your camera products. A Rapid Application Development (RAD) toolkit that allows C/C++ developers to create IEEE-1394 applications in Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000 (Fire-iAPI-OHCI) or NT 4.0 (Fire-iAPI-Lynx). Because Fire-iAPI’s prototyping toolkit is written in both C and C++, it allows a level of abstraction that remains consistent over time, and is independent of the hardware and the operating system.

FireWire Industrial KitUNIBRAIN INC.

FireWire Industrial Kit incorporates the latest 400 Mbps IEEE-1394 Texas Instruments chipset and Sony’s Wfine CCD technology to ensure high-color accuracy and high-resolution imagery. The kit features the Fire-i400 Digital Camera and Fire-i-OHCI control/display software to enable individual setting control and monitoring functions of every connected camera. Two 1394 ports for easy serial connection of multiple cameras. Provides 400 Mbps data transfer speeds capable of delivering 30fps of uncompressed VGA 640 x 480 video output. Also comes with Unibrain’s FireBoard400-OHCI (capable of hosting up to four Fire-i400 Digital Cameras), and a 4.5 (15 ft.) FireWire cable. Operates with any IEEE-1394 PCI/PCMCIA OHCI-compliant adapter, or Fire-i400 Digital Camerawith any desktop/portable PC with built-in 1394 support. Perfect for industrial applications where accurate and easily editable image samples are required.

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