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Imaging Capabilities in Forensics - Now



May 2004

Imaging Capabilities in Forensics — Now

Doug Schiff is VP, Marketing and Business Development at 3rdTech, Chapel Hill, NC. ( Baird is Director, Corporate Communications for Forensic Technology, Washington, D.C. ( Walford is President of Eos Systems, Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia. (

The Participants

With the still amazing power of imaging and image analysis to do key work in forensic investigation the stuff of multiple prime time television series ?? however fanciful ?? the interest in this genuinely growing electronic imaging and image analysis market has reached downright mass proportions. What pros want to know, of course, is where the specific opportunities are now, and how those are being served. That's the subject of this issue's Roundtable discussion.

What They Do

Advanced Imaging: To ?set the scene,? what role is technology from your company now playing in reducing the time frame and to resolve and answer critical forensic questions such as ballistics, 3D measurements or software models of a crime scene?

Doug Schiff, 3rdTech : 3rdTech is combining 3D laser scanning with the most advanced techniques of 3D computer graphics and imaging, to capture both the precise geometry and the high-resolution imagery, of crime scenes. First, this reduces the time spent at the scene for taking measurements ?? and does so more completely and accurately than with traditional measurement techniques. This data then can be used to recreate a 3D model of the scene, accurate in geometry and color, for measurements, floor plans, blood spatter analysis, and bullet trajectories ?? as well as for viewing the scene from any perspective, all without revisiting the scene.

Chris Baird, Forensic Technology : Forensic Technology provides police with solutions that help them to solve crimes more effectively. The technologies we develop assist police around the world to overcome obstacles to solving crimes (shrinking budgets, lack of resources and debilitating backlogs), enabling them to work smarter, easier, cheaper, and faster. Our IBIS technology (Integrated Ballistics Identification System) significantly increases the number of evidence matches made by police. In addition, IBIS helps police make matches that would not have been made without this technology. It generates additional investigative leads and facilitates information sharing within and across law enforcement agencies.

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