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Image Fusion: Data Made Portable—Even Wearable



March 2004

Image Fusion: Data Made Portable?Even Wearable

by Barry Mazor

David Siviter, Harsh Environment Applied Technologies, Inc.

David Siviter pioneered the design of several remote underwater systems widely used today, in his ?first career? in submarine imaging and engineering and electrical engineering. More recently, along with his wife Janet, Siviter became the founder of Harsh Environment Applied Technologies, Inc., or H.E.A.T.

One of the first challenges this start-up faced was creating a system to address the difficulty of taking image fusion to body-worn applications in a small, low-power package that could be head-mounted. As vice-president of engineering and R&D, he holds several patents in image processing and fusion. He is also a lead designer and engineer on key programs in both body-worn and vehicle-mounted systems.

Advanced Imaging: To keep things clear for all, since the term itself is sometimes a point of contention, please give us your best definition and interpretation of what ?image fusion? is. Is it contrast-, feature- or pattern-based, a combination thereof?or something less defined?

David Siviter: ?Image fusion? is a general catch-all term for the combination of imagery and graphical image fields from several sources into a single compound image that has a spatial correlation between each image. This has typically come to mean, but is not limited to, the pixel-by-pixel fusion of images with common fields-of-view in different electromagnetic spectra.

AI: What's your approach for the fusion of display, analysis and compression required to combine images over time and perspective?

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