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Image Displays, Monitors and Projectors


Product Update

Image Displays, Monitors and Projectors

By Richard Handley

June 2001

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Once again, this year's displays and monitors have shown vast improvements in image quality, while also offering other features suitable for a wide variety of working environments. Today's projectors, as well, are designed to give users better-looking presentations of all types. To help keep you up-to-date, we've put together a list of the newest offerings, grouped alphabetically by manufacturer. Keep watching this space in the coming year as further improvements in flat-panel manufacturing and projection technologies out-shine even the impressive array of products now available. We'll be here to tell you all about it as it happens--you could say we'll be monitoring the situation...

Massachusetts-based Analog Devices has created an integrated 205 MHz analog interface chip for capturing RGB analog graphics signals from computers and converting them to digital data for display on flat-panel LCD monitors and projectors. The 205 MHz encode rate of the AD9888 data converter, combined with its full-power bandwidth of 500 MHz, supports a wide range of resolutions from HDTV and digital TV formats to the next generation UXGA specification, 1600x1200 at 75 MHz. Three 8-bit 205 MSPS ADCs are combined with an on-chip PLL that generates a pixel clock from HSync. Also included is mid-scale clamping for HDTV and digital TV (YUV) signals, programmable gain and offset controls, integrated sync processing for composite sync and SOG applications, and a sync-detect function for hot-plugging.
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Applied Scientific Instrumentation, Inc. offers a number of video monitors, including high resolution black-and-white and LCD units that take up very little space. ASI's LCD units are designed with active-matrix Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display technology (TFT-LCD) and are offered in a number of sizes and resolutions. The LCD 6.4, for instance, provides a high-resolution color image made with 224,640 pixels of display. The screen is backlit by a long-lifetime Cold Cathode Filament Tube (CCFT), allowing for sharp images--even in daylight.
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AverMediaAverMedia's newest offering is the AverVision 100 document camera, which displays three-dimensional objects, documents and even microscopic images on a TV, VGA or LCD/DLP projector. The AverVision supports image mirroring, rotation and digital zooming, and resolution up to 1024x768, with an optional light box and headlamp. The light box allows users to convert negative film to positive images, and to display transparencies and 35mm slides. Designed for a variety of uses, this device can be utilized for teaching, science lab research, product demos, courtroom media and medical applications.

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