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Image Compression: Standard vs. Proprietary



Image Compression: Standard vs. Proprietary

by Barry Mazor

April 2003

The Participants:

Steve Musallam is the Director of Marketing at Divio, Inc., In Sunnyvale, CA. (

Paul Wiley is the Manager of Intel Performance Libraries at Intel's Software Solutions Group in Hillsboro, OR. (

Chris Lubeck is Vice-President of Development at Pegasus Imaging in Tampa, FL. (

Jon Kennedy is a Technical Diector at CAPTEC in Dublin, Ireland. (

Steve Musallam, Divio
Paul Wiley, Intel
Chris Lubeck, Pegasus Imaging
Jon Kennedy, CAPTEC

One of the great truisms of the image processing markets was spelled out some years ago by the compression marketer who noted that, "Everybody in the leather business needs holes, but they don't want to buy them, so they sell them an adz." Nobody wants to "buy compression" either, but the solution it provides has been vital. That said, the issues surrounding the technology have been central and never-ending, in both commercial and scientific/industrial markets. In this issue's Roundtable, we take them up again, 2003-style.

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