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Image Analysis Software



September 2004

Image Analysis Software

by Hank Russell

VisiQuest 3.5 VisiQuest 3.5 can be used to prototype complex analysis and visualization algorithms. Here, a workspace that identifies features of interest in a cranial NMR scan and constructs a 3D rendering of the brain surface. sparks ACUITIV 4.0 from ACUITIV Software provides computational fluid dynamics (CFD) visualization.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but when image accuracy is critical, it is important not to be subjective. Image analysis software is playing an increasingly larger role, especially in the fields of machine vision and medical imaging. "Those are the two big hot spots that we’re working on,nbsp" explains Nicole Reineke, VisiQuest product manager for Accusoft (Northborough, MA).

With companies such as GE Medical Systems releasing a new CT scan machine performing 4D analysis, Reineke believes today’s software can handle the load. "The software has always been able to handle at least five dimensions of data, so you have four dimensions in the image, but you might also be capturing sound waves."

Such analysis not only guarantees image accuracy, Reineke says, but it can also save time — as well as patients’ lives. "It’s easier to do an automatic diagnosis of what’s on the screen now because you can apply so many different types of filters with one simple software program that, if one filter shows that this is a tumor, then you can have three or four filters and ask, ‘Does it still look like a tumor?’ So you can be a little surer of what the diagnosis is. It saves time because you can automate the process."

Software has been taking the lead over hardware in the past, but now the hardware is starting to catch up. "Now that the hardware is catching up, it’s forcing software vendors to add bigger and better features to take advantage of the hardware features,nbsp" Reineke says. "Just the relationship between the software and the hardware is going to get even stronger than it has been in the past."


VisiQuest 3.5 from Accusoft enables complex data and image analysis for users of all skill levels, and offers a unique ability to handle five-dimensional data. The centerpiece of the product is a graphical programming environment that allows users without any development experience to easily access and manipulate the 300-plus operators for data manipulation, signal processing, image analysis, processing of volumetric and time-series data, numerical analysis, interactive 2D and 3D data visualization, multispectral and hyperspectral visualization, streaming data operations, processing of multidimensional datasets, and more. With VisiQuest 3.5, users with no programming background can also quickly perform many complex functions on image data, including image feature extraction, capture, display, interpretation and classification, 2D and 3D plot display, multiband image color compression, spatial resolution and filtering and more. INDICATE 201.

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