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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Image Analysis Software Makes The Catch

Image Analysis Made Easier in the Worlds of Science, Research and Industrial Vision.
Mercury Computer Systems' TGS series amira 3.1.1 runs on the Macintosh OS X platform.
Electrophysics' Velocity comes in three versions.
The CEDIP LabVIEW toolkit from CEDIP Infrared Systems.
DVCView 3 from DVC Co.
Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) 8.0 runs on the Windows 2000 and XP operating systems.
National Instruments' NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection version 2.6.
PixeLINK Capture Standard Edition is suitable for microscopy applications.
CVB ShapeFinder 2 from Stemmer Imaging GmbH.

Hank Russell By Hank Russell
Managing Editor

Scientists, researchers and engineers need to look at the big picture, so to speak, when analyzing images. They need to know that what they are looking at is as exact as possible in order to make an informed decision. The image may come from something as small as a slide under a microscope or something larger, such as an assembly line.

"To solve new problems or create innovative solutions, standard analysis techniques and visualization tools may not be sufficient," says Bruce Tannenbaum, technical marketing manager of The MathWorks Image Processing and Geospatial Applications (Natick, MA). "Engineers and scientists may need tools for statistics, signal processing, reporting, algorithm development, application deployment and data acquisition that a comprehensive platform provides."

Tannenbaum says that new imaging systems and emerging applications often require the development of innovative image analysis techniques. "Since many engineers and scientists don't want to spend their time programming, image analysis software can provide a platform on which new techniques can be more easily created by modifying standard algorithms," he says.

They Have A Visual

AccuSoft Corp. (Northborough, MA) releases VisiQuest 4.1. This release allows engineers and researchers to use MATLAB Mfiles in the VisiQuest Visual Programming Environment, share code and collaborate seamlessly on research projects without having to write a user interface. For software engineers developing software in MATLAB, C, C++ or other scripting languages, VisiQuest 4.1 allows them for the first time to test all of their software in a single environment. It offers programmers thousands of standard functions and advanced programming constructs to help them further their simulation techniques.

Amerinex Applied Imaging (Amherst, MA) and ADCIS SA (Normandy, France) present software tools based on the Aphelion imaging system. For the High Throughput Imaging tool, an entire slide can be acquired using an optical microscope equipped with a motorized stage; a region of interest (ROI) can be defined for the slide to enable analysis at full resolution. The DNA quantization and Ploidy analysis tool classifies cancerous cells and then displays Ploidy histograms. PixCyt is an immunomarker analysis tool that analyzes an entire histological section using cytoplasmic or nuclear markers analysis, tumor vascularization and stromal compartment estimation.;

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