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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Illumination Products Based on Surface Mount LEDs


As the requirements for machine vision illumination evolve, advancements in illumination techniques need to occur in order to keep pace. Discrete LED based lighting provided many advantages over earlier techniques, but had numerous drawbacks. Volpi Manufacturing has developed a series of illumination products that are based on surface mount LEDs.

The first member of this series is a linelight that provides intense, but very uniform, light output. These lights are available in white, green and red in lengths of 2” and higher. Volpi also introduced 3 surface mount LED ringlights. The Bright Field ringlight provides very intense light output with the illuminated area ranging from 4.3” to 6.5”.

The Focused Bright Field ringlight maintains a 3.5” diameter output area over a 2” to 4” working range. The Dark Field ringlight has a working range of 0.8” to 2” and the diameter of the illuminated area is 2.25” to 2.8”. The Low Angle Illuminator provides light on a 30° angle over an illuminated area of approximately 3.15” x 4”. All 4 of these products are available with red or white LED’s. When you need intense, high quality, long lasting illumination for machine vision, please contact Volpi.

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