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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

IK-TU51 3CCD Camera With Interchangeable Heads

Ideal for a Variety of Industrial, Entertainment and R&D Applications

Toshiba Imaging Systems Division, a division of Toshiba America and a leader in advanced video imaging, announces the high resolution, 3CCD Remote Head Camera. The innovative IK -TU51camera system is available with either 1/3 inch and/or 1/2 inch image sensors. High sensitivity (800-line resolution) plus interchangeable heads combine to make this video camera ideal for a variety of industrial, entertainment and R&D applications.

Toshiba's IK-TU51camera provides real-time imaging with 10-bit digital signal processing. The imager offers a frame memory for continuous video imaging in integration mode, a freeze frame function and a user-selectable one or two pulse triggering mechanism. Key features include .02 Lux (at 4 second exposure), a 14-step detail enhancement capability and a six vector color enhancement circuit.

Toshiba recently announced that the IK-TU51 is integrated into the ASAP Imaging®, a system developed by Apollo Telemedicine (Falls Church, VA). This telediagnostic medical imaging software allows a pathologist, via internet streaming video, to look at real-time, high resolution images from under a microscope over a network. This unique imaging system helps doctors make quicker diagnoses, receive immediate second opinions, and consult or confer from anywhere in the world.

The IK-TU51 imager is based on the same advanced technology as Toshiba's popular IK-TF camera series featuring the three chip camera IT-CCD sensors and an RGB micro-prism system for accurate, computer-ready color images. Easy to integrate, the IK-TU51 is ideal for laboratory imaging, machine vision, microscopy, specialty broadcast and other tasks that require the flexibility of a 2-head, high resolution camera system. The imager is available with an RS-232C interface, both LVDS digital and RGB analog outputs, and a standard C-mount lens flange.


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