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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

How to... Render Quality Images and Video on Digital Display Devices


Modern digital display systems, such as LCD screens, plasma displays and projectors need to produce images of superior quality and free of artifacts, in order to be appealing for the viewer. Besides their inherent characteristics such as contrast ratio and response time, they must also have superior quality digital processing to handle any input video source.

The i-Chips Display Processors are highly integrated semiconductors for image scaling, frame rate conversion and video de-interlacing. These tasks are essentials to extract from the input video signal the pixel data that the display needs. Image scaling is a digital processing function required to generate the pixel resolution for the display system. The i-Chips processor calculates each output pixel to be displayed based on a surrounding region in the input image. Frame rate conversion is another critical function required to produce the proper frame rate, which can be different from the video source. This is accomplished by careful image manipulation in real-time to guarantee a smooth motion in the output image. Video de-interlacing is required to convert the video signal from interlaced to a progressive-scan format. Many existing video standards such as NTSC are encoded in an interlaced format, with separate odd and even fields. The i-Chips processors use an advanced motion-adaptive method to precisely calculate each output pixel to avoid image artifacts.

The i-Chips Processors support all Standard Definition and HDTV formats, 8-bit and 10-bit processing. They render excellent image quality at very affordable prices. They are used in a applications such as LCD projectors, flat-panel displays, video walls, plasma display panels, control systems and products for the home theater, broadcast, medical and military markets. Local technical and sales support is available. Each device is supported by an Evaluation Board and software tools.

Pierre Sicard
Product & Marketing Manager
Daitron/i-Chips Technology, Inc.

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