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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

How to... Find the Correct Optics for a Machine-Vision Application


Do you have a Machine Vision application that needs an optical system, but do not know which lens to choose? You no longer need an optical engineering degree to choose lenses because Navitar has harnessed its engineering expertise into the easy-to-use Optical Wizard. This new patent-pending lens selector generates basic and customized solutions from your input.

With the Optical Wizard, there is no need to learn complex formulas and “how to” technical data. Lens selection is easy. You simply enter the fundamental parameters of an imaging system such as field of view (FOV), working distance (the distance from the front of the lens to the object being inspected), the camera format/sensor size, and the type of camera mount. For applications where the ability to resolve fine detail is critical, the Optical Wizard enables you to enter the camera pixel size.

If you require a zoom lens, the Wizard computes the formulas for changing the numerical aperture with zoom setting, and the impact of coaxial illumination allowable on image format and many other complex algorithms.

Once you enter your application data, the Optical Wizard quickly assesses your input and makes all the complex calculations for you. The Optical Wizard provides you various lens choices from all the best-in-class lenses from leading manufacturers such as Navitar, Melles Griot, Rodenstock, Fujinon, Mitutoyo and others. The Wizard tells you exactly how fine a detail the selected lenses will let you resolve, the magnification ranges, working distance, field coverage and depth of field. You can also review outline drawings and pricing.

Once you have selected a basic lens system, you have the option to customize it. The Optical Wizard offers a step-by-step process for adding motorization, lighting, polarization and various mechanical features to create an online solution tailored to your specific needs.

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