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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

How to... Double the Speed of Machine Vision Applications with Image Event Notification


Traditionally, trigger-based imaging platforms require image acquisition, image transmission and camera movement be done completely sequential to each other as shown in Example A.

Point Grey Research® implements imaging platforms with features enabling these stages to occur simultaneously. As a result, cycle times are faster by 50 percent and the number of images acquired increases by 100 percent as shown in Example B. These features include overlapped trigger and image event notification.

Overlapped trigger accelerates the overall cycle time by allowing image acquisition and transmission to occur simultaneously. Similarly, with image event notification the cycle time speeds up as it signals the PC software to start camera movement once exposure is complete, without having to wait for the entire image to arrive. Machine vision applications integrating any of the following Point Grey Research IEEE-1394 cameras (Dragonfly®2, Dragonfly Express™, Flea® or Scorpion™) will benefit from this functionality immediately.

Jerry Fife and Ana Dimapilis
Sales and Marketing
Point Grey Research

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