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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

How to... Create Custom, Reusable Functions to Improve Productivity

New Custom Glyph in VisiQuest's Visual Programming Environment

Most software packages used to create advanced image and signal processing applications are comprised of a library of functions and operators used to create specialized algorithms. AccuSoft’s VisiQuest, for example, offers a base library of almost 540 functions (“glyphs”) that are used in a visual programming environment. These libraries (“toolboxes”) provide the standard functions needed for common tasks such as image manipulation and enhancement, target recognition and segmentation — to name a few.

However, many users need to create specialized custom functions to develop sophisticated algorithms. Solutions that can quickly create these functions using non-proprietary languages, yet can be easily reused and deployed on multiple platforms and operating systems are preferred. To rapidly develop custom functions, scientists and engineers use the VisiQuest Craftsman and Composer development tools to easily integrate their custom code into the visual programming environment and use it like a standard glyph.

Chris Martin
Product Manager

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