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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

How To... Use Smart Cameras to Enable Precise Quality Control


Thanks to their computing power, smart cameras execute complex image processing routines, thus enabling the automation of demanding applications.

Vision Components' VC2068 smart camera is being used by a manufacturer in Germany to do high-performance testing of 5 mm formed parts made from sintered metal that are used for automotive applications. Three VC2068 cameras examine the parts for true running, axial runout, inner diameter, and the occurrence of ridges, injections, and cracks.

The Process

First, the parts are rotated, allowing one camera to examine them for true running by means of measuring windows. Two other cameras then acquire the remaining data. The three cameras are connected with each other via Ethernet. The results of each inspection are sent to a PLC via their digital input/output. After a data analysis, the formed parts are either rejected or transported into the container for good parts.

The cameras operate at a measuring frequency of 72 ms, thereby enabling fast and highly precise operation. During true running and inner diameter examination, the measuring uncertainty is less than 1 μm.

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