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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

How To... Ensure Readability of 2D Bar Codes


2D bar codes and symbols, such as Data Matrix, are used on thousands of diverse items for accurate identification, protecting product integrity, providing critical maintenance information and more. Ensuring their readability is critical.

Q. Why can't I just use an imager to check readability?

A. Imager technology and performance varies widely and symbols must often be decoded by multiple brands within the supply chain. Your imager's ability to read your symbol does not ensure that it can be read by a different imager.

Q. What are the standards for verification?

A. The two most common standards are ISO/IEC 15415 and AS9132A. ISO/IEC 15415 specifies the methodologies for measuring, evaluating, and grading 2D symbols to indicate mark quality. AS9132A specifies uniform quality and technical for Data Matrix direct part marks on metal substrates.

Q. How do I choose a verifier?

A. Certified verifiers are highly desirable. Currently the only Data Matrix verifier to achieve ISO/IEC 15426-2 is Microscan's Quadrus® Verifier.

Matt Van Bogart
Industrial Product Manager
Microscan Systems, Inc.

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