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High-Speed and Video-Rate Cameras


Product Update


by Rich Handley

November 2001

Today's high-speed production processes have grown quite complex—so much so that it is sometimes impossible to identify problems using only the human eye. Until recently, the only technology available for the purposes of high-speed image analysis was based on modified video or film cameras. However, the latest advances in solid state electronics have led to completely digital high speed imaging systems able to record fast-moving or short-duration events for slow-motion playback and analysis. This has allowed engineers and technicians at last to see what could otherwise not be seen...

Piranha2, from DalsaFrom Dalsa, a Canadian-based digital imaging solutions company, check out Piranha2, a small-footprint line-scan camera capable of a 160 MHz data rate and resolutions of 1k, 2k, 4k, 6k, and 8k in two- or four-output models. All deliver 8 or 10 bits of data with CDs and programmable flat-field correction at 40 MHz per tap, cabling easily with the CameraLink high-speed interface standard. Built for PCB inspection and multi-camera vision applications, the Piranha2 is also well-suited for such demanding applications as parcel and postal sortingy.

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Jenoptik L.O.S., headquartered in Germany, manufactures the C14 digital camera, the latest member of its ProgRes family. Designed with microscopy and macro-photography in mind, the C14 sports FireWire for data and power transmission at a rate of 400 Mbits/second, crucial for fast live images. OHCI-compliance allows for "plug-and-play" of one camera into several computers in the lab, both Macintosh and Windows-based. A "small sister" unit, the C12, is also available, both generating 3.15 Mpx with one or two exposures and a CCD that doesn't need cooling.

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IVP Ranger, from Integrated Vision Products Swedish camera supplier Integrated Vision Products has produced a camera for high-speed 3D machine vision, able to acquire more than10,000 high-quality 3D profiles per second. The IVP Ranger provides In-Line 3D applications for OEMs and vision integrators in the semiconductor, electronics, wood, and food industries, among others. Designed to replace or complement traditional 2D inspection, the camera acquires 3D images and sends the coordinate data via an ultra-fast twisted pair link to a Windows PC.

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