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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

High Speed Simultaneous USB Measurement


Data Translation announces the DT9832 Series of simultaneous analog input multifunction data acquisition modules for USB 2.0. The DT9832 Series offers 2 or 4 channels of simultaneous, 16-bit analog measurement at ultra high throughput speeds up to 2 MHz per channel.

Each analog channel in the DT9832 Series has its own 16-bit A/D converter that utilizes a common clock and trigger for simultaneous and synchronous sampling of all analog and digital inputs at the exact same instant in time.

Key features include: all subsystems operate synchronously at 48 MHz; 6 or 12 simultaneous, 16-bit analog inputs at up to 2.0 MHz per channel; two 16-bit analog outputs for waveform generation at 500 kHz per channel; 16 digital input and 16 digital output lines for external event synchronization; two 32-bit counter time channels offer flexible clocking and triggering; and three quadrature decoders allow determination of X/Y positioning and rotation. Data Translation Marlboro, Mass.

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