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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

High Resolution Audio-Visual Content Across Standard Networks


In an age where “Content is King,” the ever increasing channels of distribution along with new display and storage applications place even greater emphasis on content delivery and protection. VN-MATRIX provides an innovation in lossless, artifact-free image compression and streaming. Real-time, high-resolution computer and video images up to UXGA or HD can be streamed across network connections at low bandwidths. VN-MATRIX supports real-time frame rates (60fps) and low latency encode and decode on a platform independent, software-free system. Cable length limits, bandwidth and storage challenges can be overcome with lossless compression technology. Bi-directional digital audio accompanies the video content.

VN-MATRIX is suitable for many demanding imaging applications, where the cost of replicating image generation and equipment is prohibitive, or where existing networks could be more effectively utilized. Applications for VN-MATRIX include: telemedicine, conferencing, military, surveillance, education, digital cinema, digital advertising and HD media production, to name but a few.

VN-MATRIX can enhance large-venue displays up to UXGA resolutions, enable data archiving and secure distribution, benefit news gathering and manage high resolution conference/broadcast presentations and events.

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