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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

High Performance IR for Demanding Applications


The fields of research and development and testing require superior thermal uniformity and/or controlled heat dissipation. In the past, many targets were too small, too fast or too dynamic to analyze with thermocouple technology. Today, these targets are brought to life on FLIR Systems, Inc.’s infrared cameras. High resolution allows for an incredibly detailed infrared signature, and the thermal measurement of the target. The camera detects temperature discrepancies as small as .02 degrees Celsius, which would remain undetected without the aid of infrared imaging. This new technology allows engineers, scientists and researchers to visualize and quantify heat patterns in the devices they create and events they are monitoring. As a result, problem areas can be detected and corrected before they become dangerous, ineffective or inefficient.

The ThermaCAM SC series offers five different infrared cameras and unrivaled flexibility, accuracy, analysis, and reporting capabilities. They are adaptable to almost any configuration, whether hand-held for portable applications or tripod mounted for continuous testing and operation, and are designed to meet a wide range of target, application and budget needs. Because of the wide range in capability and design, scientists are able to purchase and create cameras suited to their specific testing requirements. Accompanying software, including ThermaCAM® Researcher and ThermaCAM® RTools allow for more in-depth analysis.

FLIR’s new ThermoVision SC6000 MWIR is a high speed, high resolution, science-grade infrared camera. With its simple one piece rugged design and numerous options for wavebands, detector resolutions and lens configurations it can be tailored to fit each customer’s specific needs. Image resolution of 640x512 and extreme camera sensitivity result in crystal clear images that are easy to interpret, plus it comes ThermaCAM RTools ready.

FLIR Systems infrared cameras have been used successfully throughout the research and development field. In Germany, John Deere, Inc. uses the ThermaCAM SC series to inspect tractors and vehicles, ensuring quality and providing feedback for further product development. Thousands of miles away in South-East Asian airports such as Taipeh and Kaohsiung, FLIR Systems infrared cameras are used to screen all who enter or leave the country. Fever is a reliable indicator of the presence of communicable diseases such as SARS and Avian flu, and the cameras are able to detect individuals with above average body temperature. Between January and October of 2004, officials from the Centers of Disease Control detected 92 unreported cases of these viruses using FLIR’s cutting edge technology, and helped prevent the spread of dangerous viral diseases.

As a global leader in infrared cameras, FLIR prides itself on offering the most advanced infrared temperature measurement systems for research and development and testing applications. FLIR Systems also provides extensive customer support and thermography training, allowing you to fully use your infrared camera and become an efficient, effective thermographer. With increasing demands for accuracy, efficiency and cost effectiveness in the business and R&D fields, the time is right to begin seeing the world in infrared.

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