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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

High Performance IR Camera to Suit the Most Demanding Users from Cedip

High Resolution and Uncompromised Sensitivity

The new SILVER 660M from Cedip Infrared Systems has been designed for the most demanding users of IR technology, who need to perform thermal imaging at high spatial resolution with leading-edge sensitivity and accuracy - all at an affordable price. The new camera brings together Cedip’s proprietary high performance cooled Indium Antimonide (3-5µm) staring focal plane array detector with the latest ROIC technology. The result is a large format (640 x 512 pixels) cooled IR camera that delivers an outstanding 100 Hz full frame rate while maintaining extraordinary linearity, high resolution and uncompromised sensitivity (typically 15 mK). Packaged in a rugged aluminum housing the Silver 660M is built to be used. Temperature sensors ensure the camera is always optimized to perform the most precise radiometric measurements. Dissipating heat by conduction only, dust incursion is not a problem to the SILVER 660M —a system designed to perform the most demanding R&D and thermography applications reliably over a long period of time. Built for operational flexibility the SILVER 660M is programmable from 1Hz to 100 Hz in full frame mode, offers a sub-array windowing mode with integration time adjustable in 1µs increments and smart external triggering capability synchronizing image capture to even the most fleeting events. The SILVER 660M offers true plug & play compatibility with standard computers as well as third party frame grabbers and image processing software. Using either CAMLINK or USB2.0 interfaces the SILVER 660M is able to transmit commands and transfer video images at 40 MHz pixel rate and full 14-bit dynamic range. Comprehensive image analysis software dedicated to thermal measurement comes as standard. The SILVER 660M is fully compatible with Cedip’s industry-leading ALTAIR software allowing digital image recording and radiometric measurement even at full frame rate. For users who wish to interface the camera with their own experiments, Cedip offer a complete labview on C++ driver interface for controlling the camera features, acquiring and processing images. CEDIP Infrared Systems France

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