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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

High-Content Screening Platform

Includes ImageXpressMICRO, and Three Software Packages: MetaXpress, Application Modules and AcuityXpress

Molecular Devices Corp. presents a suite of turnkey tools for High-Content Screening (HCS). The platform consists of ImageXpressMICRO, and three software packages: MetaXpress, Application Modules and AcuityXpress. The ImageXpressMICRO is a modular, high-resolution CCD imager. MetaXpress uses MetaMorph acquisition and analysis software from Universal Imaging (Downingtown, PA) as a backbone. The eleven Application Modules are validated, assay-specific image analysis applications integrated with MetaXpress. AcuityXpress provides statistical and data visualization tools, including automatic determination of IC50s, EC50s and Zí values, as well as the ability to drill down analysis data to the original images. MetaXpress, Application Modules and AcuityXpress are seamlessly integrated with MDCStore, an open API enterprise-level database for streamlined image and data management. MOLECULAR DEVICES CORP. Sunnyvale, CA.

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