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Hard Copy Products


Product Update

Hard Copy Products

by Rich Handley

February 2003

Although the world has gone digital, many companies still find it necessary to maintain hard copies of their records and documents for posterity. Whether on film, paper or other media, there is still a big market for hard copy products, as this issue's Product Feature illustrates...

First up this month, from 3D Systems, Inc. (Valencia, CA), is the Viper si2 SLA solid imaging system, which combines standard and high-res part building in a single system. The system comes equipped with upgraded versions of Lightyear part preparation and Buildstation control software, and is intended for a wide range of solid imaging applications, from rapid modeling and prototyping to injection molding and investment casting. The Viper si2 is also appropriate for applications involving precision builds of detailed parts and parts.

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The Imaggia II, from DelphaxThe Imaggia II is the latest generation of IM Series high-volume cut-sheet systems from Delphax (Minnetonka, MN). With models that feature document throughput between 220 and 300 pages per minute, the Imaggia II supports large media sizes and features Intelli-Pick collation capability. The Imaggia II is one of several Delphax products to utilize Electron Beam Imaging (EBA) technology. This series offers a speed of 150 feet per minute at 600 dpi print quality, meeting worldwide standards for MICR encoding on secure documents. The digital press is specifically geared toward the production of checks, financial documents, business forms and customized diret mail applications.

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The Kodak DryView 8900 laser imaging systemThe Eastman Kodak Company is soon releasing its Kodak DryView 8900 dry laser imaging system, which produces more than 180 films per hour at 650 dpi laser resolution. This resolution applies to all film sizes, including 14" x 17" and 11" x 14". The imager contains three film drawers and supports five film sizes: the above-mentioned 14" x 17" and 11" x 14", as well as 14" x 14", 10" x 12" and 8" x 10". Geared toward centralized printing in busy multi-modality areas, the DryView 8900 is also suitable for producing output from modalities that generate mixed film sizes such as computed radiography. Expect to see the DryView 8900 in the second half of 2003.

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; New from Fujifilm: the DryPix 7000The DryPix 7000 medical dry laser imager from Fujifilm Medical Systems USA (Stamford, CT) offers a throughput of 180 14" x 17" films per hour and 240 10" x 14" films per hour. This model features a built-in print server that speeds network communication with the imager, as well as two standard film drawers (with a third optional) and an optional 10-bin sorter that separates films from multiple inputs or departments. Fuji is also launching two new print networking products to support their dry imager line: the DryPix Station, providing users with print load management and automatic fail-over capabilities between the DryPix 7000 and other Fuji DICOM imagers and print servers; and the DryPix Link, which converts non-DICOM modality images to DICOM Print, allowing older FCR readers and other compliant modalities to print to Fuji dry imagers.

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