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HDTV Advances in Broadcast Technology


Product Update

HDTV Advances in Broadcast Technology

by Rich Handley

March 2002

HDTV, inarguably the next generation of television, is set to replace the existing forty-year-old standard with CD sound and widescreen picture quality that is far crisper than what has come before. A bridge between TV and computers, HDTV represents a new era in consumer electronics, able to transmit pictures via computer language. This merging of technologies presents dramatic new opportunities for bringing the interactive information age into America's living rooms.

This month, Advanced Imaging highlights some of the newest products to enter the HDTV arena. Down the line, expect HDTV to become a common vehicle for telecommuting, home video conferencing and accessing on-line video recording libraries.
MoviePack  4.0, from AIST Inc. MoviePack 4.0, from AIST Inc.

First up, from AIST Inc., comes MoviePack 4.0, a professional editing applications offering multiple functions such as editing, compositing, and titling. MoviePack 4.0 outputs to multiple formats, including HDTV, eliminating the need for conversion software. Real-Time Preview allows editors to see how proposed changes will look without time-consuming rendering, while Queued Processor Management (QPM) apportions tasks to all available processors simultaneously rather than one at a time. Featuring Intelli-rending, Adaptive Line Mesh Technology, and Adobe Compatibility, MoviePack 4.0 allows users to mix and preview such formats as Quicktime, AVI and MPEG prior to final output.

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Canon's HJ40X10B IASD-V. The YJ86X13, also from Canon. Canon's HJ40X10B IASD-V. The YJ86X13, also from Canon.

Canon Broadcast and Communications (New York) have extended their line of portable Electronic Field Production lenses to include the Canon HJ40X10B IASD-V and HJ40X14B IASD-V TELE. Geared for both HDTV and SDTV cameras, the HJ40 and HJ40 TELE offer documentary, entertainment, sports and helicopter production directors and camera operators portability, long focal length, and a wider angle. Features include Shift-IS, two shake-detecting sensors for yaw and pitch and a microprocessor help to move the Shift-IS lens group horizontally and vertically to counteract image shake and maintain a stable picture. Also provided: Digital Drive, with Speed Preset, Shuttle Shot, Framing Preset, and Zoom Mode Select settings.

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