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Global Marketing of Images: The Progress - and the Needs



Global Marketing
of Images:

The Progress-and the Needs

by Barry Mazor

February 2002

Philippe Sanchez Philippe Sanchez, Getty Images.

Marketing of archival, stock or made-to-order images has certainly changed radically over the past decade. But for a few media adventurers and reserachers, in satellite imaging for instance, that was still the "transition from stock photos and footage" period. The few marketers offering digital images for professional use were talking about proprietary formats or the new—and slow-to-be-accepted—concept of CD-ROM collections as the means of delivery. There was a slew of companies in the field—and very few were in the posititon to market across borders.

Today, after a technological evolution and a good many mergers and acquisitions, this is a digital business, largely online—dominated by a handful of well-known names that tend to work on a global basis—with all the new issues those raise. This month, we turn to some of the key players for this updating discussion.

The Participants:

•Steve Davis is the President and CEO of Corbis, headquartered at Bellevue, WA. (

•Philippe Sanchez is Senior Vice President of Marketing at Getty Images, Seattle, WA. (

•Julie Hill handles Marketing at Artbeats Software, Inc., Myrtle Creek, OR. (
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