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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Frame Grabbers

Processing becomes more cost-effective and efficient in vision applications
DALSA adds new entry-level Camera Link frame grabber to extend its Xcelera series.
Epix’s low-cost, low-profile, PCI-Express frame grabber for base Camera Link cameras.
Euresys’ Domino series supports color and monochrome cameras and up to four cameras on a single board.
New series of PCI-Express frame grabbers from The Imaging Source
Imperx brings video capture to ExpressCard/54
Matrox Radient eCL frame grabber with Altera processing FPGA packs high-performance in half-length card.
SmartAVI’s V-Grabber is a dynamic, powerful PCI card functioning as a high-resolution VGA/RGB frame grabber.
Vivid Engineering’s CLV-411 Camera Link Video Splitter interfaces one Camera Link camera to up-to four frame grabbers.

By Kari O'Rourke

As the industrial image-processing market switches over from analog to digital, frame grabbers are adapting to technological advances to keep up with vision applications.

“The feature of the newest frame grabber is their ability to seamlessly and reliably transfer images directly to the host memory for processing, without delay and without loading the host CPU,” said Keith Russell, President, Euresys Inc. “Additional pre-processing functions, such as image format and color conversion or lighting compensation, increase the efficiency of the image processing performed by the host.”

“The continuous and increasing requirement for higher frame rates and resolution, along with the need for faster processing is driving the market, and the frame grabber will change along with these trends,” adds Russell. “It’s all about increasing productivity and yields thereby decreasing costs.”

SmartAVI Inc. (Burbank, Calif.), a leader in the fields of digital content creation, management and delivery solutions through hardware and software, unveils it’s powerful PCI plug in card, the V-Grabber, that is capable of capturing any VGA, XGA or UXGA source feed and display it on your desktop. The primary function of V-Grabber is to allow the output signal from any computer to be displayed on a user’s desktop or on a display screen without any type of software installation or interference whatsoever to the source. This is especially useful in situations where the source computer is testing software, needs to remain clean of additional installations, is on a secure network that needs to remain private, or is a machine that doesn’t even have a writeable hard drive to install software on. SmartAVI’s V-Grabber is a high-resolution frame grabber, capable of displaying all RGB/VGA sources on a desktop or display screen at resolutions up to 1600 x 1200. This is perfect for digital imaging needs such as medical evaluation, corporate video conferencing or video editing. Other scenarios that the V-Grabber is ideal in include the financial market, military operations, flight simulation technologies, theme park integration, desktop publishing, emergency command post architecture and computer-aided manufacturing/engineering.

The analog camera line from Euresys (Itasca, Ill.) called the Domino series supports color and monochrome cameras and up to four cameras on a single board. The Grablink series boards are digital frame grabbers supporting the industry standard Camera Link interface. Within the Grablink series color area and line-scan boards with onboard pre-processing such as color space conversion and shading correction are offered. Many of the Grablink boards support PCI Express and other industry standards. The Grablink Express takes advantage of not only PCI Express it also supports PoCL. It allows a single Camera Link cable to supply power to the camera, on top of transferring high-speed images and controlling the camera. All industrial frame grabbers support Euresys’s Multicam driver making the migration from one board to another seamless and painless. For maximum flexibility Multicam supports both Microsoft and Linux operating systems.

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