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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

February Industry News


CDT Acquires Assets of P-OLED/OLED Display Driver Chip Design House

Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) (Cambridge, U.K.) announced it has acquired the assets of Next Sierra, Inc., a Mountain View, California-based hardware developer that specializes in designing P-OLED/OLED display driver chips.

"The response from the OLED industry to our announcement of Total Matrix Addressing™ (TMA) technology last month convinced us that we needed to move quickly to demonstrate the TMA concept in silicon," said Dr. David Fyfe, Cambridge Display Technology CEO. "With more than 80 years combined engineering experience and as a recognized expert in the development of P-OLED/OLED display driver chips, Next Sierra has considerable experience in OLED driver development and its CEO, Rich Page, is a seasoned chip designer with an impressive track record in development and delivery as founder of both NeXT Computer and Sierra Research and Technology and as one of the very first Apple Fellows. We believe that Rich and his team are a superb match that will enable CDT to develop this technology in the shortest timescale possible, allowing us to accelerate commercialization of TMA's breakthrough passive matrix driver technology."

Under terms of the agreement, CDT will acquire Next Sierra Inc.'s assets and key technical personnel for an undisclosed amount in CDT stock, with payment staged against technology development milestones to be achieved over the next twelve months.

TSA Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) Program Awards $1.775 Million Research and Development Contract to L-1 Identity Solutions Division for Facial Recognition Program

L-1 Identity Solutions (Stamford, Conn.), a leading provider of advanced technology identity solutions, announced a $1.775 million contract award from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology (S&T) Division to develop facial recognition technology for the FAMS Tactical Information Sharing System (TISS). TISS is a database system that stores information, including photos, from suspicious activity reports, incident and arrest reports, and other sources for immediate retrieval and analysis. L-1 will incorporate its face recognition technology to expand the capabilities of TISS to perform face image searches from collected images.

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