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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Feature-Rich Cameras


There are many benefits to utilizing a 1 million gate FPGA. This technology has enabled Imperx to design one of the most feature-rich cameras on the market. The platform with this technology is called the Lynx Family of Cameras. All cameras are based upon Kodak KAI CCD Sensors. Standard features include programmable frame rate, shutter, trigger, integration, AOI, binning and more. Imperx raises the bar with new standards on the Lynx Cameras with dynamic image correction capabilities. Imperx cameras arrive from the factory with dynamic flat field correction. Included with the camera is an application utility, which allows the camera user to make corrections for different lighting conditions and lenses. Imperx’s Lynx cameras are capable of dynamic defective-pixel corrections as well. The factory-developed DPM files use criteria (such as thresholds for classifying pixels as “dark”) that work well for most applications, but may not be ideal for a given application. Imperx’ DPC Processor utility steps users through the process of building their own DPM files. With dynamic tools, precision imaging and sensing can be optimized for any condition.

The Lynx series’ 12-bit transfer function can transform an image when an application requires digital gain, digital offset, gamma correction, knee correction, double-knee correction, threshold and double-threshold correction and many more. The transfer functions are set with simple spreadsheets so the client can implement formulas quite easily. The ability to pre-process the images allows the user to easily integrate the camera into applications such as medical imaging, blob analysis, scientific imaging, web-inspection, and aerial sensing. The cameras firmware can be updated in the field for custom applications such as specialized auto-exposure control, custom binning modes and more. As new advances and capabilities arrive, the user can implement them without sending the camera back to the factory. The benefit of using Imperx cameras is that you will always be able to utilize the latest in camera developments by downloading and installing the new firmware and software.

Imperx is adding a new camera to the Kodak based Lynx Platform lineup with the development of the KAI-16000 sensor. The sensor is the largest progressive-scan interline transfer sensor on the market and will be available in the IPX-16M3 and the TEC-16M3. The feature rich IPX-16M3 will have all the features of the standard Lynx platform with 4872 x 3248 resolution. The TEC-16M3 includes a Peltier cooled CCD and cooling fins for the best performance available for this sensor. Recommended for web-inspection, flat-panel inspection, terrestrial mapping, scientific imaging and medical imaging.

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