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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

FLIR Announces Two New IR Camera Kits with Bundled Software for Research and Development Applications

The ExaminIR package enables engineers and researchers to control the cameras and generate reports quickly and easily

FLIR Systems, (Boston, Mass.) announces the release of its A320 and A320G R&D StartIR Kits for sophisticated, yet affordable acquisition and analysis of IR images and temperature data. The R&D StartIR Kits consist of the ExaminIR software package, and either the A320 or A320G IR camera system. The ExaminIR package enables engineers and researchers to control the cameras, make high speed data recording, conduct real time or playback analysis, and generate reports quickly and easily. The A320 and A320G cameras have powerful built-in measurement and analysis functions for applications where detailed thermal analysis of dynamic events is required. Furthermore, these capabilities are greatly expanded by the ExaminIR software, which provides multiple control, analysis, and plotting functions. This camera features an uncooled microbolometer detector in the form of a 240x320-pixel focal plane array for instant non-contact temperature measurements and thermal image analysis. It comes with an integral 25 lens that allows both manual and automatic focusing. (Other focal lengths are available.) Its 100Mbit Ethernet interface allows real-time, 16-bit radiometric image recording on a PC running the ExaminIR software.Utilizing standard Ethernet cables provides remote camera control and data collection at distances up to 300 feet. Additionally, images can be viewed on a standalone video monitor by using the camera's composite video output (NTSC or PAL). The camera's rugged but compact housing allows it to fit easily on a test bench, while its light weight makes for convenient portability and handheld operation. With the A320's Universal Plug-and-Play compatibility, setup and data acquisition on a PC are a snap.

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