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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Evolution Robotics, Inc.


Company Description

Evolution Robotics® develops state-of-the-art robotics solutions and partners with original equipment manufacturers to integrate those technologies into new and more intelligent products. Evolution Robotics' core expertise is in proprietary technologies for visual pattern recognition and position estimation and tracking with a breakthrough in price and performance.

Markets Served

Evolution Robotics is focused on three main markets: Robotics, Vision and Grocery Retail. Evolution Robotics licenses its vision and navigation technologies to consumer electronics companies such as Sony for the AIBO® robotic pet and Sharper Image for the eVac robotic vacuum cleaner. We also partner with application developers for cell phones for visual pattern recognition on camera phones for mobile commerce and marketing campaigns. We do contracted R&D work to develop and improve visual sensing technologies for the U.S. government. Finally, we develop visual scanners for bottom of the cart loss prevention in retail grocery stores.


Our line of products for businesses include:

NorthStar™ — the world's lowest cost positioning system that enables real-time tracking of assets, estimation of position and heading of parts for automation, and autonomous navigation.

ViPR™ — the gold standard in Visual Pattern Recognition software, which is deployed in the Sony AIBO and provides reliable recognition of patterns, parts and markers in realistic environments.

ERSP™ — Software development platform for robotics, used by hundreds of major organizations and universities. Includes ViPR and vSLAM™, Evolution's vision-based localization and mapping solution.

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