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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Euresys Inc.


Company Description

Founded in 1989, Euresys is a worldwide leading company in the field of machine vision and image processing. Euresys designs, manufactures and markets PCI and Compact PCI (cPCI) image acquisition boards and image processing software for industrial, semiconductor, medical and video surveillance applications.

Customer-oriented and continuously expanding, Euresys is present all over the world with subsidiary offices in Chicago and Singapore, a representative office in Tokyo, corporate headquarters in Europe and a worldwide distributor and representative network.


Euresys offers a full range of innovative hardware and software products dedicated to industrial vision.

Hardware products include image acquisition boards:

  • for standard cameras, the EureCard Picolo series

Euresys presents this year a new generation of video capture boards that makes the difference in a DVR! These new Picolo boards are the first video capture cards equipped with the Euresys video surveillance FPGA technology. This unique approach brings the card to an unmatched level of acquisition speed and image quality.

  • for analog cameras, the EureCard Domino series

Euresys patented a new technology bringing analog image acquisition to the highest quality level. This proprietary technology is called Dł Technology. The new Domino series boards will benefit from this new technology.

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