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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT



Company Overview

EPIX is a privately held corporation providing cost-effective computer-based image capture, processing and analysis. EPIX designs and manufactures imaging hardware and software, cameras and frame grabbers.

Markets Served

EPIX provides solutions for the agricultural, automotive, industrial, inspection, medical, military, security, and x-ray markets. Just a few of the many applications of our products are: lumber grading, ACT and SAT test scoring, wind tunnel airfoil deformation analysis, contact lens inspection, parachute explosive deployment systems and automotive crash testing.


EPIX' imaging products are compatible with common video formats such as NTSC, S-Video, PAL and CCIR, as well as uncommon formats including line scan cameras, high resolution or high frame-rate area scan cameras, or multiple output cameras.

Ready-to-run, interactive programs offer end-users immediate and convenient imaging tools. C/C++ libraries provide the basis for OEM-written applications.

Customization services provide added functionality and include custom graphics and screen displays; image restoration and analysis; privately labeled products, custom programming; and customized products per specifications for OEMs. Training or application consultation is available.

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