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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

ELCAN Optical Technologies


ELCAN Optical Technologies is a fully integrated provider of precision optical and electronic solutions for industrial, medical, defense and commercial customers.

With a legacy spanning 150 years in the design and fabrication of fine optics, ELCAN's founding companies include Ernst Leitz (Germany) and Texas Instruments (U.S.A). ELCAN today is part of the Raytheon group of companies with 1,100 employees and 450,000 square feet of manufacturing operations in Midland, Ontario; Richardson, Texas; and Malaga, Spain.

In addition to its role as a manufacturer and supplier of quality opto-electronic products, ELCAN engineers are available for joint R&D projects to identify cost-effective solutions, manufacturing efficiencies and superior design approaches to applied optics.

At ELCAN, our world-class optical designers and engineers work in North America's largest optical sub-system manufacturing operations. They live and breathe in a high-capacity production environment and know how to optimize your optics from the very beginning. Right for performance… right for cost. ELCAN designers work as a team with process engineers and production planners. We know that doing the optical design right from the beginning ensures the finished sub-system will meet all your program goals… from start to finish.

ELCAN's end-to-end optics and electronics capabilities include:

  • New Product Development and Concurrent Engineering
  • Innovative Optical Design and Rapid Prototyping
  • Electronics Design and PCB fabrication
  • Comprehensive Optical Fabrication and CNC Metal Machining
  • North America's Largest Diamond Point Turning Capacity
  • Over 700 production thin film coatings
  • Opto-mechanical and electro-optical sub-systems assembly
  • Environmental & MTF testing
  • Complete sub-system testing and qualification

ELCAN Optical Technologies

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